Wherefore Art Thou Print Collateral?

There are some out there that do not believe print materials are necessary for a small business. Although digital marketing has taken the lead, it doesn’t mean you should go without. Brochures, business cards and stationary are just a few of the print items you could consider having designed for your brand. Why? Well you will just have to read and see.

#1 Brand Awareness

Sure your target clients or customers can see your branding on Facebook or at your location, but that doesn’t mean it will stick with them. Say there are two popsicle joints in your town. Each have great products, good branding and prime locations. One sends a well designed post card in the mail, and one doesn’t. Who do you think will stick in the target audiences’ mind?

Any chance you have to put your brand in front of your consumers is a good thing. Sometimes the only interaction your customers have is at your store, so make sure your business sticks with them after they’ve left.

#2 Professionalism

You never want to be that owner that has to say they don’t have a business card. If you want to add value to your company and brand, you have to look the part. A business card is a direct line to your brand. It is a print item that a potential customer or client can physically keep with them as a reminder of your services or products sold. In a competitive industry it is important to keep up a professional image, and business cards or branded stationary sent to clients lets them see the effort put into to creating that image.

#3 Sales Tool

The whole idea of marketing is to generate sales, and your print collateral is no different. Whether the rack card you had designed is letting your audience know more about your services or your new website, it acts as a catalyst to prompt further engagement. Many brands utilize custom mailers to interest their customers through sales, discounts and visuals. Although you could post that information up on a your social media channels, a print item is an additional reminder that could be the sales pitch they needed to commit.

Don’t underestimate the power of well designed print collateral. It opens a line of communication, interest, and brand awareness for your business. When it comes to marketing your brand, the more the merrier, so consider how your print materials can enhance your vision.