The Ten Branding Commandments

  1. Thou shall be creative. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and be bold, innovative and different. In a competitive industry sticking out is a good thing when it comes to the success of your business. Creative branding provides an opportunity to stand out and dominate your competition.
  2. Thou shall make it simple. When brainstorming ideas for your company keep to a few strong ideas. Brands that have too many focal points and concepts usually come up a bit short. A strong brand should have the ability to be described in a few words. So if yours takes more than a few, try narrowing down your scope until you have a defined idea.
  3. Thou shall know your customers. In order to market an idea, you have to know who you are marketing too. Without that knowledge your brand will have no basis. Knowing your demographic is key when developing a brand. It will help define the type of logos, tagline and personality your brand will look to emulate.
  4. Thou shall create “more than a feeling”. Branding is so much more than typefaces and imagery. A brand should be able to make a positive and emotional connection with each customer.
  5. Thou shall brand it all. Your companies individual branding should be present on all items (i.e. website, print collateral, social media, etc.). The more prevalent a brand the more opportunities it has to resonate with a customer and draw them in.
  6. Thou shall brand your domain. Nothing is more confusing to a customer than a website domain that has nothing to do with the company’s name or branding. In order to avoid any confusion choose a domain name that makes sense within your brand.
  7. Thou shall not covet thy competitor’s brand. No one likes a copy cat. Be original in your concepts that way your customer base will be able to distinguish between your product and your competitors.
  8. Thou shall be consistent. Consistency is the only way to get your customers to jump on board. If your brand jumps around with each marketing campaign, then your target audience might find it difficult to recognize you.
  9. Thou shall make it personal. It’s okay to get a little personal. Your brand represents your company. The keyword here is “your”. Brands that have personality and reflect those who are behind the company are often more successful. Why? Because customers like to know there is someone looking out for their best interest and appreciate a brand that has character.
  10. Thou shall create an amazing logo. Your logo is often the most impactful component of your visual identity. In following each of the commandments your logo will be present on all platforms, which is why it needs the most attention out of all branding aspects.