The Social Network

Oh social media. Somedays we love you and somedays we just don’t get you. We post too much and people don’t engage, then we scale it down to every few days and customers might like our stuff, but it is not a guarantee. Social media and content driven tactics like blogging may seem unpredictable, and yes it can be, but there are a few rules of thumb that will get you back in control of your social and ready to dominate just about everything.

The Sean Parker Notion

What exactly does that mean? It means that you don’t want to jump on the social wagon down the road, get in on the action now so that your business can actually enjoy the benefits of your hard work. If you don’t already have social profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, what are you waiting for? Social is here to stay and businesses in your industry have already been using this free marketing tool to their benefit.

Never be afraid to try a new social media platform. Companies like Facebook and Twitter all started with one follower. If you are introduced to a new platform that hasn’t really grown yet, don’t be afraid to try it out because there is a good chance it could explode, and you and your business will already have had your feet in the water.

Social channels to consider signing up for:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+

Avoid a Winklevoss Loss

Copying an idea isn’t exactly what you want to be doing with your social media channels. No one likes to see businesses in the same industry doing the same thing. It’s gets boring and will win you no points with your consumers.

Instead be original in your content. Utilize your brand’s style and voice in your social media posts, that way no one could ever doubt it’s your work. Standing out within your industry is the goal of every big or small business, and social media allows you to do that easily.

Tips to be original in your social media:

  • Use your own images in posts for a creative touch and opportunity to showcase what your business offers or how your brand differs from others.
  • Creative language. We cannot stress enough that every piece of content your business launches needs to have your brand’s tone and voice present. Social media is a perfect platform to show your audience your unique style through content.
  • Offer social media only promotions. Not only will this be unique to your business, it will help expand your social following, which could lead to more new customers.

Post Like A Zuckerberg Boss

Posting every day to social media is a must, but there is always the debate of how often. Once a day? Twice? Is every social media platform the same? We can tell you this, every social media platform is not the same and the amount of times per day to post depends on that platform and the content you have ready to share.

Facebook posts should be no more than twice a day. Why? Because people don’t like to see the same business posting multiple times per day. It’s an aggressive form of marketing and is why twice a day is plenty.

Twitter is slightly different. Since you are restricted on the amount of words you can have post per tweet, 2-3 times a day is a great plan for Twitter.

Instagram is kind of the more the merrier. People like looking at imagery so 1-2 times per day is awesome, but feel free to sneak in a few more if you have extra great photos for your business that day.

There is no exact science to social media, but by following a few guided rules consistently, social media can really enhance how your business connects with customers. So, if you haven’t joined already become a part of the social network and start making each post count.