“The Importance of Being Updated” (Like the Importance of Being Earnest… haha get it)

Keeping up appearances is a necessary part of being a website owner. Although having a prim & proper exterior is a crucial aspect of your household’s good name, it isn’t the only element that needs adoration.

Maintaining your website will allow it to work to it’s full potential and prevent strife from hitting your business’s beloved marketing tool.

#1 Keep A Watchful Eye on Your Plugins

As an agency that primarily develops with WordPress, plugins are essentially the sugar to your tea. They are added aspects that enhance your website, but also keep it safe from harm. Keeping your plugins up-to-date will do more than help your website run efficiently, but it will keep it in pristine condition so it can deter potential hacking threats.

In the past few years, website hacking has become a burden among the online community that even the smallest of businesses have to be cautious of. Anti-malware plugins and security add-ons will be there to dismiss the less distinguished hacking groups and keep your websites reputation in good standing.

#2 A Good Appearance Will Earn You Good Prospects

Appearances can be everything when it comes to attracting suitable customers. Those who keep their websites up-to-date visually will appeal to new customers looking for a professional and proper business. Now, this doesn’t mean that every trend that comes through the web design world should be added to your site, but if you want to compete for your customer’s hand, than keeping up with the always changing times will be beneficial.

#3 Rules of Engagement

As trends in web design sweep through, so do the rules of your favorite search engines. The top search engines like Google & Bing are constantly changing their algorithms, and your website should abide to their demands. They are the reigning houses in the online community, and their rules trump your outdated design.

If they say “responsive”, your website says “of course, right on it”. Why you ask? If your website doesn’t keep up with the changing rules, it will be sitting alone at the SEO ball. Search engines determine how you are organically ranked, and if you website doesn’t keep up pace than it’s rankings will slip.

It is a complicated world your website takes part in, but you can make sure that it remains at the top of society’s standings by keeping an eye on plugins, trends and the every changing search engine rules…or hire someone (ahem) that will hand all of those things to you on a silver platter.