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Seasonal Marketing Must Haves

It’s that time of year when your marketing mayhem begins. It’s the holidays, and even if you don’t have a strategy in place, there is still time to make the most out of your business’s end of year marketing budget, and get the push in sales you’ve been waiting for all year.

Graphics Galore

Graphics for social media are one of the easiest ways to up your marketing initiatives for the holiday season. Although it might not seem like an item to immediately add to your marketing checklist, it is definitely worth it. Why? Because it is a simple way to keep your brand current and active.

Many businesses utilize holiday graphics on social media by taking the cover photo space on each platform to unleash a holiday themed image letting customers know of an upcoming holiday sale or event happening. It is essentially free advertising for your business and will be a reminder to your target audience that there are things happening all year long, which could lead to many more visits.

Email Tidings

A holiday newsletter is a simple marketing tool that can be incredibly effective. How? Newsletters offer a direct link to customers. Through a newsletter you can offer a seasonal greeting or special discount which will in turn create sales opportunities and a positive image for your brand. As a customer they want to see you care about their loyalty, and by sending a holiday newsletter you are solidifying your customer/business relationship while offering them a little something extra.

Christmas Collateral

Planning a flash sale or Christmas shopping event? What better way to let customers know than by getting a few print collateral items to hand out, keep at the register or place within bags after a customer purchase. This little reminder of holiday sales is an effortless way to market your brand.

Word of mouth is always important, but for most individuals it is often “out of sight, out of mind”. Stay with your target audience by giving them a visual piece to take with them, that way after they’ve left your business they keep in mind that there are events coming up, which will lead to a return customer.

Your business’s holiday marketing plan doesn’t have to be over the top and drain your end of year budget. A few tweaks to your social graphics, e-blast with holiday greetings and seasonal print collateral can help you stay present on the shopping list of potential and returning customers.


Tis the Season… To Prep Your Holiday Marketing Plan

You can breath, the holidays are not here yet… but when it comes to your business, seasonal marketing should be at the forefront of your to do list. We know it is early, Thanksgiving and Christmas aren’t for another month or so, but whether you are business that thrives on seasonal sales or one that struggles during the holidays because customers hard-earned dollars are being spent elsewhere, ensuring a successful season often hinges on your marketing efforts.

Campaigns of Holidays Past

Think about your previous holiday marketing campaigns (if any). What worked? What didn’t? These are the questions you should be asking yourself before the planning process continues. Take the aspects that worked and build off of them and look at the elements that were less successful and figure out why. Knowing what doesn’t work for your business will help ensure you don’t go down the same path again. If you are a new business then there are no past campaigns you can work off of, however taking the opportunity to research your competition’s marketing efforts, opens up a great foundation for your first seasonal crusade.

Marketing in the Present

Once you have trekked through the campaigns of holidays past, it is time to create a strategy for the present. Deciding on which holidays to market towards is the initial step. You don’t have to focus on every holiday coming up but pick the right ones for you and your target audience, whether it be Black Friday Sale or Christmas themed campaign. Next is deciding how you will promote your products or services and any applicable seasonal specials. Since many consumers buy products online, look at what is popular now such as online gift cards or Groupon deals. These are a few modern promotional concepts that work great in today’s digital marketing age. With an online gift card purchase option where you can print everything from the website you are not only making the user experience an easy one but are driving traffic to your website, and in our eyes that’s a win-win! If you know your demographic isn’t as tech savvy and likes to get a physical reminder of seasonal promotions then print materials might be the best route for your strategy.

Think About the Future

The whole concept behind a holiday marketing strategy is to bring new customers and more business to your establishment during and after the holiday season. When constructing a strategy for the holidays, we like to think ahead, what will bring in business now and bring future business after the New Year? Providing your customer base with a special that leaves room for additional business post holiday season is the best way to feed long term business growth. Offering limited time deals that give an immediate increase in sales or an allotted time bracket beginning at the start of the year is the perfect solution; just make sure you are prepared. Customers will be more likely to return to your business if you are fully prepared to handle the sudden inflation of business. The one thing that can ruin a holiday promotion is lack of preparation. Don’t get caught up in an idea if you will not be able to handle the increase of work.

Once you are prepared with a strategy and plan it is time to start pushing your seasonal promotions. Each promotion although specific to a holiday should continue to reflect your brand and should be available online in order to direct traffic to your website and ultimately drive customers to your business. Sixth Gear is prepping for our holiday season and we want to hear how you will spread the cheer!