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The Good Kind of Traffic

Website traffic, it is the peanut butter to your website’s jelly. The goal of all websites is to have consistent new traffic searching through your pages. The longer an individual stays on your website the more chances you will have to turn them into a lead or a consumer. When you launch a new site, you will not automatically see thousands of views per day without putting a little sweat equity into it. You have to work, but that work will help you reach your traffic goals.

The Content Game

We have said it once and we will say it again, content is key. Not only will quality content help with your organic search engine rankings, it will help you avoid being penalized. Search engines like Google are doing everything they can to reward websites that are playing their cards right, and penalize those who are trying to cheat their way to top rankings. When websites have little content and big self promoting ads next to it, Google will see that as potential to be flagged. They are looking out for your customers and want to reward you because you are making an effort to give them enticing copy to view.

So, keep in mind that the better the content, the better your rankings, and the more website traffic your business will see. Play the game by putting out consistent and keyword rich content and you shall be the winner.

The Responsive Movement

Responsive web design used to be the trend hitting the streets, but now it has become a necessity to survive on the world wide web. How many times have you searched for a business on your phone or tablet, and get a website that has tiny font, no way to navigate without expanding the view or is incredibly slow. Those businesses suffer from being irresponsible and not updating their websites to a responsive design.

Mobile devices are becoming one of the most common ways to browse the internet. So, top search engines like Google are coming to the rescue again by penalizing websites that do not utilize those designs. Google wants everyone to be able to view your website as it was intended on any electronic device. They reward those who agree and is why a responsive design will not only make the experience easy for your customers, it will give you a better ranking which again means better web traffic.

Although creating content in the form of blogs, videos, photographs, etc. is time consuming, it is a facet of you business that needs constant attention. Moral of the story? If you build a website, it doesn’t mean they will come, you have to put in the effort and time in order to see a change in new website traffic.