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A New Generation of Lead Generation (See what we did there?)

As business owners most of us have a experienced a time when generating a lead can seems like the impossible dream. We think we are on the right track and then for weeks all you hear is the sound of your panicking thoughts. It used to be as simple as throwing an ad in the newspaper and then the next day your business was back to normal, but in today’s digital world it takes much more then print advertising.

Lead Generation

The two words that make us cringe and hang our heads in shame. Every new or even established business has had the daunting task of trying to generate leads. So today we are going to discuss a few techniques that will take the stress of lead generation off of your shoulders. Generating leads is all about creating online traffic. The more potential customers you drive towards your website the more likely they are to become your patron/client. So the question is, how do we create more website traffic? Let’s start off with the use of SEO-friendly content and inbound marketing. We know Sixth Gear has driven these concepts into everyone’s minds numerous times, however it is the best way to start a conversation with your audience and make your online presence known.

Think about the last time you were searching for a restaurant online. Say you decided that you wanted sushi in Jacksonville, FL. So you pull up Google and type in “sushi jacksonville fl” and you instantly have hundreds have results to choose from. The websites with the best search engine rankings will come up first, so what do you do? Do you click on the first few or go to page 27? Obviously you click on the first couple of results and choose from those options. This is where content and inbound marketing come into play. In order to get on that first page of results for the keywords and phrases most relevant to your business, you have to have a website filled with well-written keyword nourished copy, which can be done with both static website content such as your About Us, Services, etc. types of pages and on a regular basis via your website blog. Using great content in a properly coded website is the best way to have your website indexed properly driving your organic search engine rankings up making you visible to more people, in turn driving prospective leads right to your doors.

Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing, often referred to as Search Engine Marketing or SEM (even though that term was originally coined to describe both organic and paid search engine efforts), can be another fantastic way to really drive clients towards your site. Strategies like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are ideal for both websites that do and do not have a good organic search engine visibility. The idea of PPC ads is to be the first website customers view when searching keywords. They are the highlighted sites above the organic results on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, making them the most visible to a searching consumer. The concern many businesses have when looking into PPC ads is the thought of being charged in scenarios when someone visits your site twice in a row or clicks on it by accident then immediately leaves your site, luckily Google has already thought of that. Tracking repeating clicks and internet users that click off of the site promptly are one of the great features that Google uses ensuring you are only being charged for one click per customer. In addition to PPC ads there are many other forms of paid search engine tactics such as retargeting ads. Retargeting ads show up as banner ads on other websites after an individual has already viewed your website. This strategy keeps your business fresh in their mind while they view other websites and is a great way to re-direct the consumer to come back to where they once were looking.

Joint Effort

We feel the most effective way to generate new leads is a joint effort between inbound marketing, SEO and paid search marketing. Inbound marketing is a continuing marketing process involving blogging and social media efforts that delivers quality results. Studies show companies that use Twitter double their total internet leads. The main reason for social media is to direct followers to your website. Being proactive by adding new followers, tweeting, retweeting, and the use of direct messages are all ways to promote your business and interact with your potential clients. Creating original blogs that are interesting and not only give you great content indexing opportunities but also answer questions that potential clients would be searching for are the most effective. Here is an example, a bakery could potentially blog about frosting a cupcake and title the piece “How to Frost a Cupcake”, creating an opportunity to show up at the top of the search engine results when a person types in that same question. Joining the use of those marketing tools with a more aggressive approach of paid search marketing is a combination that guarantees success.

Constructing a strategy to generate new leads takes time. Boosting search engine rankings and a social media following do not happen overnight. So don’t let the commitment scare you from the potential rewards of improved lead generation. Take these techniques and apply them to your business. Then let us know how it went because we would love to share your success story!