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The Reign of Content Marketing

It is easy to post on social media, or throw up a blog on a website. However it is another thing to actually put together a content marketing plan and keep it consistent and innovative. So many businesses and brands get caught up in the lack of content, but that doesn’t have to be you. You can be strong, organized and always be looking for new ways to make your content stand out.

#1 Know Your People

The first thing you learn in marketing 101, is to know your target audience. Why? Because they are who you will be writing your content for. When researching your demographic, try to get a good sense of what they like to read. Do they like informative blogs, tips or are they more image and video focused. By narrowing down the type of content your target audience finds appealing, you will be able to push information out in the format that they are most likely to view, and in turn open up a conversation regarding your services or products.

#2 Get Ready to Socialize

Regardless if you are a fan of social media or not, it is a necessity. Any business that wants to be taken seriously by their customer base, will have accounts on the top social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Why? Because social media is not just for chatting with old high school friends, it is a driving force when it comes to managing your content marketing. With a few words, you can reach hundreds, even thousands of potential consumers. Through engaging posts you can stand out from your competitors and allow your demographic to stay up to date with your business’s news without having to check the website on a daily basis. Through social media, the information is accessible and always ready to be shared.

#3 Sharing is Caring

If you want your content to really move, you need to ensure it is sharable. One way to guarantee your customers share is to make it easy on them. Add social media share buttons or email links to your blog, that way if they like what they read, it can easily be shared to email contacts and friends on Facebook. The easier the process, the more likely individuals will be to spread the word.

#4 Optimization Prime

That term SEO always seems to pop up, and for good reason. As you know in order to have great organic search engine rankings you need to keep your website updated with new keyword friendly content. Blogging is the gem in your content marketing plan. Don’t believe us? When Sixth Gear first started blogging, when searching “branding jacksonville” our site wouldn’t even show up in the first few pages of results, which mean’t no one saw us. So what did we do? We started blogging about the various services we offered and gave tips for those looking to market and brand their business. After two months our site made it to the top spot when searching “branding jacksonville” and we have stayed there ever since. This didn’t come easy to us, but through weekly blogs we have kept our top spot and know first hand that if you want to make a plan for content marketing, a weekly blog needs to be at the top of that list.

Marketing isn’t always a strict science. You find what works for your brand and what doesn’t, and than proceed from there. By adding social posts and blogs to your business plan, you could begin a long reign atop the competition.


Save the Copywriters!

Copywriters. The voice behind a brand and the tagline behind an advertising campaign. I think we like to believe that all copywriters still sit behind mahogany desks smoking and drinking their brandy while constructing the perfect slogan. But, lets be honest this isn’t a Mad Men episode and copywriters are becoming rare and endangered. So this is our campaign to save the copywriters and discuss why Sixth Gear advocates for their dying art form and the benefits of their content.

So what happened to the good old days? With the increase in social media and the use of web based marketing the amount of content being thrown onto the Internet daily is massive. With 1.5 million blogs, 60,000 + websites, and a few million videos added to the web each day it’s hard to keep track of what content is of professional quality. So we are going to break down what good content is and how to make sure your rich keyword material is out there to be seen by all.

Let’s start off with bad content, shall we? With search engines like Google indexing keywords around the clock, you would think that one could just put the same word you are trying to rank well for all over your website, immediately boosting your search engine rankings and get you that employee of the month star you’ve been waiting for. But luckily for the copywriting world that isn’t the case. Using keywords and phrases naturally is the correct and only way to produce quality content. Bad copy would include using the same word in the same sentence the same way over and over again. This technique along with other tricks such as creating text on the background of your website in white so that it is not seen but present can lead to a penalty and if severe enough put your website on the “blacklist” making it virtually impossible to find via search engines. The only solution is to create well written copy that isn’t thrown together in a few minutes and incorporates rich keyword material, making it easy for search engines to index you and place you where you belong, at the top.

Copywriting used to be a different industry. Copywriters were known for the ability to sell or influence a consumer with just a few words. It took complete skill and talent. The copywriting generation today still needs those natural skills but the fight for survival is slightly different. Instead of working together with an artist, we now work hand in hand with web developers. Developers are our knights in shining armor, who ride in with their responsive web designs and images wrapped in metadata. They are the force that drives our content to the public.

So we’ve discussed what bad content is and the collaboration of modern copywriters and web developers, now it is time to talk about the creative aspect and voice of a copywriter for a brand. A copywriter is essentially a storyteller. For each brand, website, or blog a voice needs to be determined. The goal of a copywriter is to sell a product, entice, and influence the consumer or audience. As discussed in our blog last week branding is everything and a key component of every brand is good copy. Each brand is different and should have it’s own voice and to find that voice you need to first identify whom your selling to. Being aware of your demographic allows you to use the correct language and wording that the audience can associate with. A good copywriter does not just throw around fancy words and call it a day. They do their research. If you are selling to a group of ten year olds the content shouldn’t use words that need a dictionary attached to it. We all love a good thesaurus but know your audience because sometimes simplicity is all you really need.

At the end of the day copywriters are here to stay. There was a time when Google rewarded content solely based on the density of keywords with complete disregard for the actually quality of the content being provided but Google has adapted and improved to rewards those that supply the Internet with quality content rich with naturally phrased keywords. Sixth Gear is an advocate for the survival of copywriting. Having a lead copywriter on our staff handling client content, taglines, social media, and blogs has driven our business into new heights, gaining us better search engine rankings, a larger social media following, new leads, and our clients’ respect for the power of the written word. It has now become a common trend to hire someone that does copy along with multiple other web design elements. With the copy being just another add on it’s voice and purpose becomes secondary, and with words being so important to a brand’s foundation like the taglines “Got Milk” or for Apple Inc.’s slogan “Think Different” it’s hard to argue that copy isn’t the foreground of any great brand. So join Sixth Gear in an effort to promote copywriters and give them back their place in the advertising and marketing industry, designing with their sole tool, words.


Content is King

It is daunting isn’t it? Trying to market your business towards your target audience and knowing exactly what they want at all times? In previous years it was a challenge to reach your target audience all at once. There were billboards, radio and TV spots, flyers, newspaper ads, and although those methods can be incredibly useful when it comes to attracting new clients, they aren’t necessarily the best or most cost effective methods available. In today’s business environment, about 85% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses. So the question is how do we get that percentage of online searchers to find their way to your company? The answer is simple, inbound marketing. A combination of marketing strategies that follow a simple practice, have your content be found where your audience is searching.

Reaching your client base is easier then you think. In order to dramatically increase the visibility of your business online you need to be disseminating the right content. Whether original or curated, content such as articles, blogs, social media posts, and videos that are rich with key words, phrases and subject matter relevant to your business are exactly what search engines pick up on and use to determine that your business is a relevant results when someone searches those same terms online. The results distributing this content can often be seen immediately but is definitely dependent on how competitive your industry is locally. For example, if you are a ski shop in the middle of Idaho chances are it won’t be too challenging to land the top spot on the first page of Google but the same could not be said if you were located in Colorado, it could take months to increase your ranking and ultimately your new client traffic.

Either way, the key is to constantly be nourishing both your website and your social media profiles with quality content. If posts are made every once in a great while it will be less likely that your content will resonate with your future customers along with search engines that are indexing your information constantly. However with consistent and well-written content the step into rankings will be effortless and opportunities for your site and business to be seen will be endless. Remember there are 85% of the Internet’s users seeking local businesses online and it is your task to make sure you are seen by them.

Make your mark. Establish your presence. Attract new clients.


Keeping Resolutions

Once a year comes that special time where we all make that thing called a “resolution” and vow to really make something of the future year. So we start by making a plan and for about two weeks are really invested in that plan until we get over it and find something else to do, leaving that resolution right on the doorstep. We often make the excuse that I don’t have the time or there are so many other things I need to do, and at Sixth Gear we get that, but we’ve come up with a game plan for our organization and our clients this year. With new staff and a new image, it’s time to get some new business and we want our clients to do the same.

Over the past few years marketing has taken a new turn. Whether you are a large enterprise or small business owner, inbound marketing is a crucial element of any marketing strategy. In our past years we have focused on the effects of a well-designed brand and image and it’s ability to take a business into new heights. Although imagery is alluring, the written word is influential. With content being such an important aspect of any businesses model it is of equal importance to have it seen by your customers. Within the past year the addition of social media has been a critical aspect in gaining new clients and engaging current ones on forums that they use on a daily basis. With programs like Facebook, Twitter, and Google + that are used by 73% of all Internet users it has become the largest playing field to market yourself on. Now, a lot of business owners are under the assumption that social media usage is most commonly used by the younger generation of Smartphone and iPad users, which are more than likely, not your target audience. But in 2013 the 45-55-age bracket was stated as the fastest growing social media users, not what you had thought huh?

In 2013, 62% of marketers said they will either hire or write their own blogs for the New Year. Blogging has become a key component of inbound marketing and the greatest part is you can write or hire someone to write about anything anytime and however often you want. If you want to give business tips or lay out suggestions for keeping a healthy body in the New Year, you can. There is no limit to what you can write about. The topics are endless and blogging is a great way to give your business the voice that clients want to hear.

Now I know it seems daunting. The task of writing weekly and posting daily, it can be a lot to take on. Our recommendation is that if you don’t have the time or desire for daily attention to social media and other inbound marketing tactics, then hire someone to do it for you. At Sixth Gear we offer an abundance of packages that can assist you in your venture to market yourself in a new way. With the expansion of Sixth Gear we are primed more than ever to take on this venture with you. So whether you want to market yourself or have us take care of it for you, know that you have Sixth Gear on the same plan for this New Year. More inbound marketing is our resolution, so why not make it yours. In collaboration, we know we can make 2014 a successful and progressive year. So raise your glass to inbound marketing and a New Year, cheers!