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Blogging Recipe

Blogs… who needs em right? Well, if you want to be the top cupcake in your industry, than you do need them. They are an essential ingredient of your content marketing plan and require an equal mixture of creativity and research to have the perfect blend.

Below are the specific ingredients needed for an exceptionally baked blog, follow the instructions carefully and don’t forget to preheat your typing hands.

(Step 1) 2 Tsp of Demographic Research

In order to create the perfect blog you first have to research. Who is your buyer, what do they hope to gain from a blog post, and which long tail keywords should you be using. By creating this scope you are narrowing down topics and content that will interest your demographic.

(Step 2) 1/2 Tbsp Blog Topic/Title

Now choosing your blog topic can sometimes be harder than actually writing the content itself, but it shouldn’t be if you have zoned in on your target demographic. Your topic and title need to be able to entice your reader and hit on your business’s target keywords. Keep in mind that your blog topic and title need to be focused and short. Having too many ideas pulled into one topic can be confusing for the reader and will not help you make sure those keywords are present.

(Step 3) 4 Cups of Content

This is where the real work comes into play. Blogging can be tricky when it comes to the length of the content. Too short won’t really allow you to give much to the readers and too long will loose them in paragraph three. It is important to find a length that allows you to get your points and tips across without being too wordy.

(Step 4) 1/2 Cup of Branding

Keep your brand in mind while writing your blog copy. Your brand has a voice and tone that should be present on every piece of content including of course your blog. By using your brand’s tone you will create a likable blog post that doesn’t feel generic, and this can go a long way with readers and their attention spans. Keep it creative and keep it light in order to keep readers coming back for more.

(Step 5) Mix It

Mix all of these components together aggressively and put it into your website on high, then enjoy what a mouthwatering blog looks like.

One last reminder is that in order to keep results consistent you will need to continuously add new blogs to your site that way you keep keyword rich content coming to your website often, positively affecting your organic search engine rankings. Other than that have fun, be creative and happy blogging!


Give My Regards to Blog-way!

The art of blogging has become a critical tool for businesses of all industries and sizes. The more blogs your website posts, the more opportunities to engage your target audience and the better search engine rankings your website will get.

Blogging is a simple concept that creates new traffic which turns into fresh leads and more returning customers/clients. Now, how do you dominate the blogging world? By following a couple of easy to execute ideas you will be able to get the most out of your blogs.

Title of Show

It is all about the title of your blog. The title is the first opportunity to grab your target readers attention, so don’t always go for the obvious choice. For example this blog could have been titled “How to Write a Blog”, but although that title explains the core of the entry, it is a bit lackluster.

Be creative in your approach. Puns, light humor and a play on words are great go-to-concepts when creating your original blog title. Take ours for example, “Give My Regards to Blog-way!” is a play on the lyrics “Give My Regards to Broadway”. Corny? A little, but it stands out among the various titles out there in reference to writing blogs.

Stay on point. In your creativity, make sure you don’t stray too far from the topic. Your title should give a clear direction of your blog to avoid any confusion or reader disappointment.

Blogs and the Amazing Technicolor Image

In 2015 we are officially in the visual age. With the popularity of platforms like Instagram, Youtube and Vine it is evident that the use of imagery is appealing.

Articles with images gain 94% more total views. What?!? Who would ever post a blog without an image then? You’d be surprised how many businesses miss out on key viewer opportunities by not including an image in their blog.

Another photo perk? Social media allows users to share, and if you have a big beautiful image with a link to your blog, your followers are more likely to share the post which will drive more traffic to your website.

The Brand and I

Branded content. Your brand identity should come forward on all writing. Why? Because for some, a blog post could be a potential customer’s first interaction with your business. By writing with your brand identity in mind, a reader will get a good feel as to the kind of atmosphere you are looking to create.

Not sure how to write as your brand? Look at how you interact with your customers/client base. Are you casual? Highly professional? These aspects are a great base to work off of when creating a specific tone for your content.

Alright blogger, you are now officially ready to take the stage and get the most out of your blogging.


Once Upon a Blog

Sitting down each week to write a compelling blog that will engage your colleagues and your customers is not the easiest job, but it is worth it. Blogging is so much more than a few paragraphs of helpful content or thought provoking text, it helps improve your organic search ranking and allows you to connect with your customer base. So what makes a blog engaging? Pretty pictures never hurt, however we have a few other ideas that can help you write that blog post you’ve been putting off.

Every Story has a Beginning

Every blog has a beginning and that beginning must grab the readers attention. Your title and opening paragraph is your one chance to hook, line and sink the reader. Why? There are so many blogs out there with similar content, so the idea is to make yours stand out with a gripping headline and opening body. Now, we don’t mean come up with the craziest title you can think of, but choose a headline that fully states what your blog is about. Being creative doesn’t mean going over the top every time, but we do encourage you to find unique ways to make your point. Now, if you are able to capture your target audience’s attention with the headline, you have the opening paragraph to lock them in. This is the moment where your writing skills will need to shine and if you don’t have any well… we can help. If you are unsure of your writing abilities, speak to your customers through content as if you were to speak to them in person. This will automatically give your writing some personality. Big words and flourishes are great, but some of the most captivating content is written by writers who just speak what they know, make their points, and show their personality through words. Readers enjoy candid content.

Short & Sweet

For the writers who are unsure of what to write, they have a tendency to ramble about either nothing or the same thing. This can can be enough to loose most readers, so we suggest keeping it short and sweet. Your blog should have key points, the facets that you want to touch on. Follow up the main points and write what is necessary for them. Too often a blogger will go off on tangents in the middle of a paragraph. Stay on the course and give your readers information that will either help or inspire them. Keep your thoughts direct and you will be golden.

Picture Perfect

There is nothing more random than a great blog with a random picture for its’ description. The blog and the photo need to be connected. Since such a large portion of internet users respond to visuals, your visual needs to attract their attention just as much as the headline. A clean and transparent image that captures the essence of your blog is the perfect solution. This is the one instance where you don’t have to be ultra creative, your image should only reflect what your blog is about.

Blogging is becoming a necessity for all businesses within competitive industries. Having the time in the day to complete a weekly or even bi-weekly blog = time out of the workday you just don’t have, however the only solution is to make the time. Your blog doesn’t have to be a 17 page thesis, it is a few words on a topic of your choice that pertains to your business. Don’t be overwhelmed and start off with a short piece, you can always grow from there.


What the Vlog?

Vlogs. It’s a pretty clever name. The blend of video media and blogging is a growing form of marketing and a gateway for business and customer interaction. The idea of vlogging scares a lot of businesses, because the thought of putting your face up on the internet and having to memorize content is overwhelming, but the perks and the simplicity of a vlog may change your mind.


Yes it is still important to be filling your site with new keyword rich content weekly, however videos are also being indexed by search engines like Google. The perk of posting a video blog is that there is less video posted by businesses on the web in comparison to written content, making it easier to grab those top in relevant search engine results. By labeling your vlog and giving it a relevant keyword title your not only making it easier for potential customers to find your video but your making it easier for Google to index that video. It is a brilliant addition to your inbound marketing strategy, but what about the people who don’t want to sit and watch the video? That’s an easy fix, post a corresponding blog with your video, that way you are giving all spectrums of customers options to get the same information, while simultaneously building your SEO base.

Connecting with an New Audience

It has been documented that roughly 80% of online users will watch an online video as opposed to the 20% that will read an entire written post with the same information. That is a large gap of viewers that your business could be bypassing. Customers respond to visuals, which is why with all social media posts a photograph or link should accompany it, so why not a video? Since customer bases are more likely to watch your video the chances of them spending more time on your website greatly increases. If your vlogs are well done and informative your customers will be more likely to return for more information and watch other vlogs that you post. Connecting with your target customer and prospective clients is key to any successful business, which is why vlogging is becoming a more popular option. Video blogs give you a chance to put a face to your business. Customers like to see who is behind a business, a person that they can connect with. By putting your face out there, you are building a trust and a value to your brand, because not only do you provide a product or service, you care enough to speak passionately about it or take the time to give informative dialogue to further help their decision or assist them in accomplishing a goal.

Start at the Beginning

Some businesses can afford to spend thousands of dollars on the production of video blogs, and I mean hey, good for you. But a video blog doesn’t have to be a Jerry Bruckheimer production, no offense Jerry, but all you really need is to start with is a decent script. A script will outline and assist you with talking points and key content to hit. Don’t think of it as an acting job, because this is your business and who better represent your brand then you, talking about what you know and what you can offer. Next is equipment. You could spend 10,000 grand on a state of the art camera, however it is not necessary. Customers want to see a clear image with clear audio that’s it. The key is to make it look professional. Make use of good angles, good lighting, clear audio (which means clear diction), and a clear image. With all of these functions you do not need to be over the top, unless you want to be. After you have filmed your vlog and have done any editing that may be needed it is time to launch. The idea is to get your video everywhere. Include links on Twitter, Facebook, your website, and sites like Youtube and Viveo, because the bigger outreach you have, the better.

Vlogging sounds scary, but it is a simple tool that opens the opportunity for big results. With informative dialogue, an idea, and a camera you can give your businesses an immediate edge over your competitors, and stand out in your search engine results. So, are you ready to Vlog?

To prove we are practicing what we are preach, check back soon for the first installment in Sixth Gear’s vlogging series!


Content is King

It is daunting isn’t it? Trying to market your business towards your target audience and knowing exactly what they want at all times? In previous years it was a challenge to reach your target audience all at once. There were billboards, radio and TV spots, flyers, newspaper ads, and although those methods can be incredibly useful when it comes to attracting new clients, they aren’t necessarily the best or most cost effective methods available. In today’s business environment, about 85% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses. So the question is how do we get that percentage of online searchers to find their way to your company? The answer is simple, inbound marketing. A combination of marketing strategies that follow a simple practice, have your content be found where your audience is searching.

Reaching your client base is easier then you think. In order to dramatically increase the visibility of your business online you need to be disseminating the right content. Whether original or curated, content such as articles, blogs, social media posts, and videos that are rich with key words, phrases and subject matter relevant to your business are exactly what search engines pick up on and use to determine that your business is a relevant results when someone searches those same terms online. The results distributing this content can often be seen immediately but is definitely dependent on how competitive your industry is locally. For example, if you are a ski shop in the middle of Idaho chances are it won’t be too challenging to land the top spot on the first page of Google but the same could not be said if you were located in Colorado, it could take months to increase your ranking and ultimately your new client traffic.

Either way, the key is to constantly be nourishing both your website and your social media profiles with quality content. If posts are made every once in a great while it will be less likely that your content will resonate with your future customers along with search engines that are indexing your information constantly. However with consistent and well-written content the step into rankings will be effortless and opportunities for your site and business to be seen will be endless. Remember there are 85% of the Internet’s users seeking local businesses online and it is your task to make sure you are seen by them.

Make your mark. Establish your presence. Attract new clients.


Keeping Resolutions

Once a year comes that special time where we all make that thing called a “resolution” and vow to really make something of the future year. So we start by making a plan and for about two weeks are really invested in that plan until we get over it and find something else to do, leaving that resolution right on the doorstep. We often make the excuse that I don’t have the time or there are so many other things I need to do, and at Sixth Gear we get that, but we’ve come up with a game plan for our organization and our clients this year. With new staff and a new image, it’s time to get some new business and we want our clients to do the same.

Over the past few years marketing has taken a new turn. Whether you are a large enterprise or small business owner, inbound marketing is a crucial element of any marketing strategy. In our past years we have focused on the effects of a well-designed brand and image and it’s ability to take a business into new heights. Although imagery is alluring, the written word is influential. With content being such an important aspect of any businesses model it is of equal importance to have it seen by your customers. Within the past year the addition of social media has been a critical aspect in gaining new clients and engaging current ones on forums that they use on a daily basis. With programs like Facebook, Twitter, and Google + that are used by 73% of all Internet users it has become the largest playing field to market yourself on. Now, a lot of business owners are under the assumption that social media usage is most commonly used by the younger generation of Smartphone and iPad users, which are more than likely, not your target audience. But in 2013 the 45-55-age bracket was stated as the fastest growing social media users, not what you had thought huh?

In 2013, 62% of marketers said they will either hire or write their own blogs for the New Year. Blogging has become a key component of inbound marketing and the greatest part is you can write or hire someone to write about anything anytime and however often you want. If you want to give business tips or lay out suggestions for keeping a healthy body in the New Year, you can. There is no limit to what you can write about. The topics are endless and blogging is a great way to give your business the voice that clients want to hear.

Now I know it seems daunting. The task of writing weekly and posting daily, it can be a lot to take on. Our recommendation is that if you don’t have the time or desire for daily attention to social media and other inbound marketing tactics, then hire someone to do it for you. At Sixth Gear we offer an abundance of packages that can assist you in your venture to market yourself in a new way. With the expansion of Sixth Gear we are primed more than ever to take on this venture with you. So whether you want to market yourself or have us take care of it for you, know that you have Sixth Gear on the same plan for this New Year. More inbound marketing is our resolution, so why not make it yours. In collaboration, we know we can make 2014 a successful and progressive year. So raise your glass to inbound marketing and a New Year, cheers!