A Quick Guide to Being a Likable Brand

Not every customer that comes through the door will fall in love with your brand. Why? Because it is impossible to be everyone’s cup of tea, but as a business it is your job to do everything possible to make your brand relatable and likable to your demographic. So today we are going to give you a quick guide to achieving that goal.

Step #1 Let Your Personality Party

One of the most appealing aspects of a brand is when it has a great personality. I know.. it is strange to think that a brand can have personality but it can.

How do you determine your personality? That’s an easy one. Look at your demographic/buyer persona to determine who you are speaking to than take it a step further and note the way your employees interact with customers along with the atmosphere your business has created. This will determine the foundation of your brand’s personality. For example, if you are a professional divorce law firm a casual quirky persona may not really resonate with your clients who are having a rough time. By knowing exactly who it is you are speaking to than creating that personality will come naturally.

Step #2 Create Cool Content

Once your brand is ready to take to the dance floor creating cool content will get you noticed. There is an abundance of content opportunities your business can publish. Do you have great product photography? Or fun tutorials for customers? These are the types of content you want to spruce up and put out.

What makes it cool? Knowing your demographic again will be your best starting point. Keep in mind what content they like to see. For example, if you are a surf shop down at Jacksonville Beach it might be a good idea to showcase local surfers on your Instagram feed or even do a quick video on beginner surf tips to get those who aren’t as dialed into the surf style a part of the action.

Step #3 Be Consistent with Everything

If you want to be well liked by your customers, staying consistent in your marketing, customer service and product & services will be the key. As a customer we like consistency. If you have a meal at a restaurant one week and love it than get it a few weeks later and it is hardly recognizable than the chances of purchasing that meal again gets slimmer.

So how do you stay consistent across the board? By paying attention. Getting customer feedback is a great tool to help you keep your brand on the path of consistency. Really hone in on what they like about your brand and then work on keep those aspects on point. It is definitely okay to try something new, but keep in mind the foundations that you’ve created and your customers love. If you do that than you my friend will be solid.

Now you have the key tools to create a really likable brand that is consistent, cool and ready to party with customers. Cheers!