Judi’s Floral Design

Branding / Web Design / Collateral

The Challenge

Wilmington, MA-based floral designer Judi Weiner first made contact with us during a wedding event she was hired for. With an already creative business structure, Judi wanted a website, brand, and print collateral that reflected an artistic floral design company with a clean look and accents of modern and vintage flare. The challenge, was incorporating these characteristics into one cohesive brand that suited Judi’s elevated vision while simultaneously keeping an appeal to her target audience of wedding and event consumers.

The Solution

In keeping with Judi’s inspiration, we created a fresh website design that consisted of a soft color palette and clean logo demonstrating uses of the modern/vintage concept. In using the softer color tones it gave Judi’s material the vintage essence she wanted without dating the brand’s look. During our first logo drafts it became clear that in order to combine the two spectrums and incorporate a modern feel, we needed a clean and simple design that would coincide with a soft color but stand boldly on it’s own. The final effect was a blend that satisfied both our client and her floral clientele.