Bay Vein Associates

Branding / Web Design / Collateral

The Challenge

Based right outside of San Francisco, CA, Bay Vein Associates, a new vein treatment center came to us in requirement of a new brand, web design, and a range of print collateral. Often vein centers will focus on the cosmetic end of treatment, but Bay Vein stated upfront that their business was built around improving the quality of life in their patients, primarily treating Chronic Vein Insufficiency (CVI).  They envisioned a brand that was minimalist, inviting, and professional with imagery that represented their target client base.

The Solution

We developed a series of marks and accompanying tag lines to kick off the project. But in conversation and really understanding the focus of Bay Vein it became clear that the tagline “Improving your quality of life” was the accurate choice for our client. We then created a series of marketing materials that were definite extensions of the brand.  The website being the focal point of the marketing efforts was built on a responsive framework with interactive elements such as the “Self-Assessment”, a lead capture form that provides our client with a basic understanding of the prospective patients’ vein conditions along with their contact information, making the process of lead to sales effortless.