Branding / Web Design / Publication Design / Collateral / Social Media

The Challenge

Jacksonville, FL-based 904Fitness came to us in need of a new brand, web design, monthly publication design, and assistance in getting their social media presence off the ground and into the digital heights.  The founder of 904Fitness, Anthony Duran, had a clear vision for bringing together a thriving community of health and fitness enthusiasts. The challenge was creating a brand, website, and monthly publication that was engaging, attractive, and promoted all things locally that are health and fitness related while remaining unbiased to the public.

The Solution

From day one it was clear that the 904Fitness brand needed to be bold and simple. In collaboration with Anthony’s strong vision it led to the creation of a straightforward wordmark against a bold Cyan square.  The use of the CMYK colors throughout the website, magazine and marketing materials resonated with our goal of keeping the brand simple, bold, and generating an overall positive impact. Each month we assemble a 32-page magazine using locally written articles and locally shot photography to create a publication that is engaging and motivational. Additionally, we have collaborated with 904Fitness in growing their Facebook audience to more than 2,000 followers, all done through original and curated inbound marketing tactics, targeting their demographic of primarily local health and fitness enthusiasts.