I Love You Graphic Design

The root of all good looking aesthetics online stem from a graphic designer. Websites, cool cover photos, logos, ads they are all created by an individual that has an eye for amazingness and knowledge of branding, marketing and how to enhance a simple product or service with their artistic skill.

Since they are so wonderful, why does it seem like so many businesses are giving graphic designers a vacation and attempting to produce their quality level of work? Sadly the work is never the same, and the quality… well it has customers and graphic designers around the world cringing.

The Sixth Gear Solution… hire a graphic designer and see how they will act as a catalyst for your brand’s image.

#1 Social Media Really Loves Graphic Designers

The best businesses on social media have killer cover photos & profile pics. No one can argue they look the most professional, and that is a selling point for most followers (potential customers). Nothing turns a social media follower off more than clipart visuals and thrown together photos.

A graphic designer will carefully sculpt imagery to represent your business and it will be created to the specific size of each social media channel… didn’t know that each platform requires different specs? Your not the only one, but your graphic designer knows that, so let them do what they do best and create killer visuals that fit within your social media marketing strategy.

#2 Websites Want to Move In with Graphic Designers

A website is only as good as the design. Sure a developer makes sure every facet is laid out and functions easily, but the design is what entices customers. This is 100% not something you should do on your own. It is dangerous for your brand… we mean it.

Graphic designers have the ability to design a web presence that is a visual extension of your brand. This is crucial for websites, since they often the first interaction you have with customers. So why leave it to chance?

#3 Marketing Wants to Marry Graphic Designers

Marketing collateral is either the rise or death of a brand. Ever have a rackcard or flyer plastered on your car window. The color palette is off, the font is comic sans and the design is just… rough. Yeah, thats what happens when you don’t leave marketing materials to a graphic design team.

It isn’t cheap to invest in quality marketing materials, so if you are going to do it, might as well do it right so that the collateral can effectively create leads and a new customer base. If your marketing plan doesn’t currently include a professional designer, now is the time to rethink that strategy, because the more professional your materials look, the more likely customers will take your brand and products or services seriously.

I mean… we might be a little biased, but the proof is evident. Graphic designers are an essential aspect of your business. They are there to provide the visual support your brand needs. It’s okay to admit your not the greatest artist… your graphic designer will make sure no one ever knows.