How SEO Stole Christmas

Every website on the internet liked Christmas a lot… But the content never written meant SEO did not!

Whether you are a Who down in Whoville or a local brand in Anytown USA, SEO is important, ask us why and you’ll see. Okay that is all for the rhyming… for now, but the message we would like to discuss this week is the importance of new content all year long.

It is easy to forget about your blog and content updates on your website during the holiday season. We get it, you are busy and there may not be time, but good SEO is what sets apart the top brands in your industry. Fresh and original content is a necessity for your website’s success and is why these few tips will make it easy for you to stay on track during all of the holiday NOISE NOISE NOISE!

Content that is written two paragraphs too small…

Changing a word here or there on your website will not be your ticket to the SEO beast feast, but a medium length blog or event update (1 paragraph) might do you good. Search engines like to see that your website is active, so one word change won’t make a difference when your site is being indexed. The key is to create hearty copy that is original and enough to catch the eye of the top search engines like Google.

A wonderful awful content idea…

Keeping your content up to date is a job on it’s own, but being original and creative is the key to actually having that new customer traffic stay on the page to read it. The longer customers stay on your website the better. Why? Because if they are reading through your material or viewing new specials then there is a good chance it will lead to a sale or further interest. So, when you are filling your website with the best of the best, make it original, make it appealing and put that to the test!

Maybe SEO means perhaps a little bit more?

SEO isn’t just a fancy schmancy word to throw around, it is an important aspect of your website’s daily job. Your website works for you all year round, helping drive customer traffic to the important facets of your business. So for the rest of 2015 and into the new, lets remember that SEO efforts are still very much needed, and a little blogging here and content added there will make all the difference.