Go Organic… SEO Tips to Enhance Website Visibility

When working in a competitive industry, having great search engine visibility is key. Why? Because how else will your target audience find you. With a vast majority of individuals jumping online to search, it is crucial you make yourself as visible as possible, and there are a few things you can do to ensure that happens.

#1 Fresh Content

Give the people what they want… fresh content. In order for your website to stay relevant in the eyes of search engines like Google you need fresh copy added to the mix.

Adding content daily would be incredible… but lets be honest if you are trying to take on your own SEO, you don’t have the time. So, if you can’t make the daily commitment or even alternating days, try once a week or at the minimum bi-weekly in the form of blogs, videos and images that will give your website ranking the boost you’ve been waiting for.

#2 Focus on Hearty Search Phrases

Keywords are important, but hearty search phrases are good for you. Why? Because when a potential customer searches online, often they search phrases as opposed to one singular word. Your search phrase should include words that describe your business and will narrow down searches for your potential customers. The easier you make it, the quicker you can get your content to the right people.

#3 All Natural Language

We don’t want you to sound like a robot to your target customers and Google is smart enough the recognize the different between the folks spamming their website with an unnecessary abundance of key words and those doing it the “right” way.

If you are writing a blog for your website about your All Natural Popsicle brand and you create a sentence such as follows:

“If you like natural popsicles, then these natural popsicles are the natural option for popsicles”.

Hmm… sounds kind of strange right? Google, Bing and all of those other search engines think so to. Be cautious how you write because overusing the same keyword phrases over and over again could earn you a website penalty and loose you some confused customers.

#4 Trust the Process

SEO efforts aren’t just a one off thing. It takes time and consistency. The more often you are adding new text, and the longer you persist, the better the results.

Once you hit the top, don’t stop. Since the rules of SEO are always a changing you have to be on your toes and continuously making new strides in order to maintain your #1 spot.

Utilizing these tips in your everyday SEO efforts will help you become the creme de la creme. Just remember to keep in mind that this takes time and consistency and by using that mantra you will be ready to serve your industry competition a slice of your SEO cake.