Give Thanks to Your Website

The holiday season is all about sharing the love and giving back to those around you. Your website works tirelessly all year long to bring your business sales, traffic and above all, joy… so don’t you think it’s time to give thanks to your website?

#1 Let Your Website Get Stuffed on Content

Show your website you appreciate it’s hard work by feeding it new keyword friendly content, regularly. This will allow your website to work to it’s highest potential year round. It is important to keep your website content new and active so that search engines like Google can easily index your site and give you the organic search engine ranking your website and business deserves.

#2 Check the Turkey and Updates

Protect your website by always keeping plugins and security mechanisms up-to-date. There are so many viruses and hackers out there trying to put a damper on your holiday season, but don’t let them. Take the time to check in weekly to make sure all plugins are updated, there are no broken links or SPAM messages trying to attack your beloved website. The few minutes it will take to check in, could save you time and money from a hacked or virus filled website.

#3 Get Your Website Gussied Up

Show how thankful you are to your website by giving it a little makeover. Small changes and aesthetic updates are sometimes needed when a web design is a little past it’s prime. Trends change, and although we don’t have to follow the trends of each season, it is a great idea update your look every so often, so that your website can compete for best in show and give your customers something new to look forward to.

So remember to give thanks to your website this holiday season, and from your friends at Sixth Gear, have a Happy Thanksgiving.