Creativity + Content = Blogging

Blogging is a key component of good search engine optimization. The equation is simple, the more you blog original content rich with keywords, the better your search engine rankings will be for those terms. Only common issue is… how to keep a blog interesting over time.

#1 The Relevant Theory

Make sure your topics make sense for the now, not the past. The best way to get readers interested in you content is to write about current information. Relate your business to the most recent industry news or get creative and write your blog post as a current celebrity. Giving your blog a fresh approach that allows you to reach to a broader audience.

#2 Know Your Numbers

Know who you are writing to. The only way you can reach your demographic through content is by getting to know them. If your target audience is 65+ and your using 2015 lingo like “bae” there is a good chance you will not win any points or returning readers. Do the research and put yourself in your target audiences shoes. If your customers are interested in “how to” tips, than give the people what they want. Make sense?

#3 The Sum of Your Brand

Don’t forget about your brand when you go to write your blog. Your brand’s voice will need to be strong in order to keep your target audience interested in what you have to say. By writing with your own flair, you are creating an atmosphere through your content which will set up the experience they can expect when interacting with you or your business directly.

#4 Unparalleled Topics

There is no need to blog about the same topics over and over again. If your customer base has read it before they don’t need to read it again and again. Keep the topics fresh so that your content won’t seem redundant and loose it’s steam.

Following the four rules of blogging will keep your blog from getting negative marks. Think outside of the box, do your research and you will be primed for success.