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Handsome Lonely Website Seeking Visitors

Feeling lonely on the world wide web? Have you ever considered that maybe the reason no one visits your website is because they can’t see you? You might be missing out on opportunities to connect with potential customers, patients, or clients. So what do you say we try on some new ideas and get you back out there?

Beautiful Blog Seeking Search Engine

Could a blog will be the one you’re website has been waiting for? The issue you are having with customers unable to find you online could be because the content on your website hasn’t changed. In today’s website scene, there needs to be a consistent stream of new content.

Sounds great, but I am sure you are wondering how to generate new material on your website? Easy, a blog. A big beautiful blog added to your website weekly or bi-weekly will do wonders when it comes to snagging new online visitors. Why? Because it is how you stay in control of your organic search engine rankings.

Ever wonder how a website comes up in a search? Search engines like Google or Bing aren’t looking at your creative web design, they are interested in the text within it. Keywords and original content are the elements that make a blog beautiful. To avoid being forgotten by search engines your business will need to be proactive and consistent when it comes to copy. Make sure you are always adding new quality entries to your website that utilize the keywords your potential customers or patients will search for, that way you content can be indexed, ranked and made accessible to your searching customers.

Miss Mobile Seeking Responsive Web Design

Do you know how many individuals search on their smartphones for stores, services, blogs, products, etc.? Around 80%. Woah… didn’t think it was that high did you? Having a mobile friendly website is no joke and we are here to tell you why.

With such a high percentage of individuals searching on their smartphones why wouldn’t you want to create the best mobile experience possible? Responsive web design allows for your website to be aesthetically pleasing, readable and navigation ready on all electronic devices. No more struggle to view tiny text or battling to scroll across a navigation bar. Instead your website will automatically resize to the device being used, meaning more people will be more likely to view your website and stay on it.

Social Butterfly Seeking Wallflower Website

A commonly missed opportunity to drive traffic to your website stems from social media. Why? Well social media allows you to connect with customers and other businesses with a simple click.

By creating business pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., you are creating immense opportunities… and did we mention it’s free? The beauty of social media is that you can market your business without a budget and ultimately drive traffic to your website. Sure there are paid ad campaigns you can run or daily boosts you can invest in, but you don’t need to in order to be successful. All you need are professional looking cover photos, a link to your website and engaging posts.

Using social media as a platform to connect seems more complicated than it is. The idea is simple. Be present and connect. By following those two key ideas your interested followers will seek out more information which just so happens to be on your website… get the big picture?

Feel like you are ready to get back in the game? With a responsive web design, blog, and social presence you will be the new stud on campus and we couldn’t be more proud. Welcome to the world of new website traffic.


The Twelve Tips of Christmas

Twelve Writers Writing

Content is key. Over the past year we have written multiple blogs about the importance of including keyword rich material in your website. Consistent new copy on your site will engage your active customers and enhance your SEO efforts. So, whether you have one or twelve writers writing, get frequent content out there to be read by customers and indexed by the top search engines.

Eleven Responsive Websites

A responsive website is not just a trend, it is a necessity. In order to stay competitive your website needs to be easily accessible for all… meaning readable on all electronic devices. Don’t make your customers squint and get frustrated while looking at your website. Make sure it is responsive and looks good on all phones, tablets and computers, no matter the size.

Ten Logos Leading

Logo-A-Go-Go was among a few of the many blogs we wrote about the importance of a well-designed logo. Your logo is a key element of your brand. It is the symbol, mark or signature your customers relate to and place a value on. A logo should be timeless, simple and versatile in order to make a statement like these ten leading logos below.


Nine Creative Spaces

We’ve said it once, and we will say it many more times. The space you work in can greatly affect your creativity and productivity. Creative spaces should feel creative, and color has a lot to do with that. Dark and grey tones can drag down your mood while blues and yellows give off a sense of calmness and positivity. Natural light is another must have in a creative space and has been known to enhance productivity. Check out Google’s Headquarters and see how some of the best creative’s work!

Eight Marketing Must Haves

Implementing a marketing strategy for your business isn’t as difficult as it may seem. With these eight elements, you have the ability to market your small business like a pro.

  1. Do your research. Take a look at your competitors and marketing campaigns that have been successful in your industry. Getting a background is the best way to outline your marketing game plan.
  2. Know who you are marketing to. Know who your target audience is. If you market to the general public, you may have a hard time reaching them. Narrowing the spectrum will increase your chances of implementing a successful campaign.
  3. Cohesive Brand. Your branding should be visible on all marketing materials. Take Target for example; whether it’s Christmas or summer their branding elements are apparent on all marketing items.
  4. Content Marketing. Blogs are your best friend. Offer your target audience helpful tips or information about your product or business via your website. This will drive new website traffic and potentially increase their viewing time on the site.
  5. Email Marketing. Email marketing is still as effective as ever. Provide useful content or specials to your customer base and reach them on an alternate marketing platform.
  6. Social Media. Social media essentially equals free advertising. You can post product photos or content that will automatically show up on your followers news feed. It is simple and accessible for all.
  7. Engage Customers. Engage your customers on social media or in store. Giveaways are great way engage your target consumer.
  8. Quality Visuals. There is nothing that turns a consumer off more than poor quality media. If you are going to use imagery (which you should) make sure it gives you the professional look you need.

Seven Social Winnings

Social media is a great way to interact and reach your customer base. These seven tips ensure you are getting the most out of your social media posting.

  1. Use professional quality visuals to attract customers to your post.
  2. Post frequently, but not obnoxiously.
  3. Respond to negativity calmly, than find a solution for both parties.
  4. Use relevant hashtags to expand your audience.
  5. Brand your social pages with your logo, color palette and professional cover photos.
  6. Keep posts short, but informative.
  7. Utilize the opportunity to engage customers, through giveaways and tips.

Six Designer Cravings

2014 has brought a year of web and graphic design trends. Here are the top six worth giving a look for your new website or re-design.

  1. Flat Website Design
  2. Large Home Page Imagery
  3. Motion Graphics
  4. Mix N’ Match Typography
  5. Parallax Scrolling
  6. Minimalist Design

Five Standout Titles

The best way to get your blog noticed is by having a great title. Here are five ideas to help your title standout.

  1. Be unique in your title choice. Generic will get your blog lost in a sea of blah.
  2. Be accurate. Make sure your title makes sense in regards to the blog content.
  3. SEO friendly. Use keywords in your title to boost your organic search ranking.
  4. Short & Sweet. Too long a title can turn off readers.
  5. Enticing. Think about the titles that attract you and use it as a base.

Four Compelling Blogs

Blogs are abundant in today’s content marketing world, which is why you need to have a compelling body of copy.

  1. Start with the title. Choose a title that will catch your readers attention.
  2. Play around with formats. Change it up and write in paragraphs or lists to keep it interesting.
  3. Use a visual. Giving you blog a visual will do wonders. The average person responds better to visual content over text, so give the people what they want!
  4. Don’t write a book. A blog is meant to give helpful or useful information, not compete with the length of War and Peace. Keep it short so that your readers will be more likely to finish the post.

Three Great Brands

A great brand is able to withstand time, has a logo that emulates an emotional connection and its’ name is why consumers choose them. These three brands have all hit those marks.


Two Tweeting Don’ts

Try not to over tweet and whatever you do… do not send Twitter SPAM, don’t be that business.

And a Website with SEO, Please

Search engine optimization should always be on your mind. The better your organic search engine rankings are, the more visits your website will receive. A stagnant website with no new content will become static noise in the search engines eyes, but a website that has new content will makes it alive and kicking and will make a big difference in your website’s overall visibility.

Disclaimer: The logos used in this post are registered trademarks owned by their respective companies of which Sixth Gear LLC is not affiliated with or sponsored by.


Scare Away the Competition

The chances of owning a business that has zero competition is pretty scarce. When you are part of an industry that is oversaturated, sticking out can be a challenge, but a challenge we are up to!

Don’t Become A Zombie

Doing nothing for your website, social media, and marketing will leave your business stagnant. All three elements need to be nourished consistently. When a website has no new content or blogs being added, Google has nothing new to index and overtime your organic search engine rankings will decline. Your website will simply sit on the world wide web never progressing or giving varied results. The solution? Add blogs weekly or bi-weekly to your website, so that there is always new text using keywords to enhance your SEO.

Social Media is one of the best tools you can use to reach your target audience, the only issue is many businesses overlook the positive affects of social media and instead let their Facebook and Twitter pages die out. We recommend posts daily, however a few times a week is better than once a year. By consistently posting, your business pages will rise from the dead and give your customers content to read and create opportunities for them to interact with your business online.

Marketing is another facet that companies often leave at the gravesite. Sending out generic print materials or dull campaign ads could kill your business. Your customers like to see an engaging pamphlet or ad that entices and solidifies their value in your company. Boring graphics and standard typefaces are great for your print items… if you want them to be thrown away, bold branding, cohesive typefaces and graphics to die for, can help you set the bar for your competitors.

Off With Their Heads

As we have discussed in previous posts, handling customer issues calmly will do wonders for your reputation. Although we all have that one customer that we would like to scream “off with their head” at, we simply don’t. Why? Because generating great customer service will push your businesses name to the top of your industry. Say there are two businesses in the same industry, same town, offering the same deal. One of the businesses has inconsistent/poor customer service while the other is known for quality service with quick and positive solutions. Which business would you be more likely to visit? Great customer service goes a long way, and a positive reputation will keep customers coming back for more.

Think Outside of the Coffin

It is easy to blend in with your competitors, but will it do anything for you? It is fine to get inspiration from others in your industry but the key to a successful business is thinking creatively. You can’t stand out if you look like everyone else, so take a different approach. When it comes to your website utilize the areas that are necessary but look at ways to stand out. Check out the trends and see if any fit your business. A common but effective trend is large imagery. Nearly 50% of individuals make decisions based on the design and visuals of a website. Although content is important, the design and photographs used on your website are equally significant. Enticing visuals could make or break a decision of a customer, which is why taking a creative approach regardless of the trade will give you the edge you need to show your competitors you are in the game.

Standing out is a good thing when it comes to your business. Competition can be high and although change may be a hard pill to swallow, it may be necessary in order to stay ahead of your rivals. By implementing a few of these tips you can scare away the competition in no time, making you the new Pumpkin King… okay, we are getting a little carried away with the spirit of Halloween.


A New Generation of Lead Generation (See what we did there?)

As business owners most of us have a experienced a time when generating a lead can seems like the impossible dream. We think we are on the right track and then for weeks all you hear is the sound of your panicking thoughts. It used to be as simple as throwing an ad in the newspaper and then the next day your business was back to normal, but in today’s digital world it takes much more then print advertising.

Lead Generation

The two words that make us cringe and hang our heads in shame. Every new or even established business has had the daunting task of trying to generate leads. So today we are going to discuss a few techniques that will take the stress of lead generation off of your shoulders. Generating leads is all about creating online traffic. The more potential customers you drive towards your website the more likely they are to become your patron/client. So the question is, how do we create more website traffic? Let’s start off with the use of SEO-friendly content and inbound marketing. We know Sixth Gear has driven these concepts into everyone’s minds numerous times, however it is the best way to start a conversation with your audience and make your online presence known.

Think about the last time you were searching for a restaurant online. Say you decided that you wanted sushi in Jacksonville, FL. So you pull up Google and type in “sushi jacksonville fl” and you instantly have hundreds have results to choose from. The websites with the best search engine rankings will come up first, so what do you do? Do you click on the first few or go to page 27? Obviously you click on the first couple of results and choose from those options. This is where content and inbound marketing come into play. In order to get on that first page of results for the keywords and phrases most relevant to your business, you have to have a website filled with well-written keyword nourished copy, which can be done with both static website content such as your About Us, Services, etc. types of pages and on a regular basis via your website blog. Using great content in a properly coded website is the best way to have your website indexed properly driving your organic search engine rankings up making you visible to more people, in turn driving prospective leads right to your doors.

Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing, often referred to as Search Engine Marketing or SEM (even though that term was originally coined to describe both organic and paid search engine efforts), can be another fantastic way to really drive clients towards your site. Strategies like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are ideal for both websites that do and do not have a good organic search engine visibility. The idea of PPC ads is to be the first website customers view when searching keywords. They are the highlighted sites above the organic results on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, making them the most visible to a searching consumer. The concern many businesses have when looking into PPC ads is the thought of being charged in scenarios when someone visits your site twice in a row or clicks on it by accident then immediately leaves your site, luckily Google has already thought of that. Tracking repeating clicks and internet users that click off of the site promptly are one of the great features that Google uses ensuring you are only being charged for one click per customer. In addition to PPC ads there are many other forms of paid search engine tactics such as retargeting ads. Retargeting ads show up as banner ads on other websites after an individual has already viewed your website. This strategy keeps your business fresh in their mind while they view other websites and is a great way to re-direct the consumer to come back to where they once were looking.

Joint Effort

We feel the most effective way to generate new leads is a joint effort between inbound marketing, SEO and paid search marketing. Inbound marketing is a continuing marketing process involving blogging and social media efforts that delivers quality results. Studies show companies that use Twitter double their total internet leads. The main reason for social media is to direct followers to your website. Being proactive by adding new followers, tweeting, retweeting, and the use of direct messages are all ways to promote your business and interact with your potential clients. Creating original blogs that are interesting and not only give you great content indexing opportunities but also answer questions that potential clients would be searching for are the most effective. Here is an example, a bakery could potentially blog about frosting a cupcake and title the piece “How to Frost a Cupcake”, creating an opportunity to show up at the top of the search engine results when a person types in that same question. Joining the use of those marketing tools with a more aggressive approach of paid search marketing is a combination that guarantees success.

Constructing a strategy to generate new leads takes time. Boosting search engine rankings and a social media following do not happen overnight. So don’t let the commitment scare you from the potential rewards of improved lead generation. Take these techniques and apply them to your business. Then let us know how it went because we would love to share your success story!


Save the Copywriters!

Copywriters. The voice behind a brand and the tagline behind an advertising campaign. I think we like to believe that all copywriters still sit behind mahogany desks smoking and drinking their brandy while constructing the perfect slogan. But, lets be honest this isn’t a Mad Men episode and copywriters are becoming rare and endangered. So this is our campaign to save the copywriters and discuss why Sixth Gear advocates for their dying art form and the benefits of their content.

So what happened to the good old days? With the increase in social media and the use of web based marketing the amount of content being thrown onto the Internet daily is massive. With 1.5 million blogs, 60,000 + websites, and a few million videos added to the web each day it’s hard to keep track of what content is of professional quality. So we are going to break down what good content is and how to make sure your rich keyword material is out there to be seen by all.

Let’s start off with bad content, shall we? With search engines like Google indexing keywords around the clock, you would think that one could just put the same word you are trying to rank well for all over your website, immediately boosting your search engine rankings and get you that employee of the month star you’ve been waiting for. But luckily for the copywriting world that isn’t the case. Using keywords and phrases naturally is the correct and only way to produce quality content. Bad copy would include using the same word in the same sentence the same way over and over again. This technique along with other tricks such as creating text on the background of your website in white so that it is not seen but present can lead to a penalty and if severe enough put your website on the “blacklist” making it virtually impossible to find via search engines. The only solution is to create well written copy that isn’t thrown together in a few minutes and incorporates rich keyword material, making it easy for search engines to index you and place you where you belong, at the top.

Copywriting used to be a different industry. Copywriters were known for the ability to sell or influence a consumer with just a few words. It took complete skill and talent. The copywriting generation today still needs those natural skills but the fight for survival is slightly different. Instead of working together with an artist, we now work hand in hand with web developers. Developers are our knights in shining armor, who ride in with their responsive web designs and images wrapped in metadata. They are the force that drives our content to the public.

So we’ve discussed what bad content is and the collaboration of modern copywriters and web developers, now it is time to talk about the creative aspect and voice of a copywriter for a brand. A copywriter is essentially a storyteller. For each brand, website, or blog a voice needs to be determined. The goal of a copywriter is to sell a product, entice, and influence the consumer or audience. As discussed in our blog last week branding is everything and a key component of every brand is good copy. Each brand is different and should have it’s own voice and to find that voice you need to first identify whom your selling to. Being aware of your demographic allows you to use the correct language and wording that the audience can associate with. A good copywriter does not just throw around fancy words and call it a day. They do their research. If you are selling to a group of ten year olds the content shouldn’t use words that need a dictionary attached to it. We all love a good thesaurus but know your audience because sometimes simplicity is all you really need.

At the end of the day copywriters are here to stay. There was a time when Google rewarded content solely based on the density of keywords with complete disregard for the actually quality of the content being provided but Google has adapted and improved to rewards those that supply the Internet with quality content rich with naturally phrased keywords. Sixth Gear is an advocate for the survival of copywriting. Having a lead copywriter on our staff handling client content, taglines, social media, and blogs has driven our business into new heights, gaining us better search engine rankings, a larger social media following, new leads, and our clients’ respect for the power of the written word. It has now become a common trend to hire someone that does copy along with multiple other web design elements. With the copy being just another add on it’s voice and purpose becomes secondary, and with words being so important to a brand’s foundation like the taglines “Got Milk” or for Apple Inc.’s slogan “Think Different” it’s hard to argue that copy isn’t the foreground of any great brand. So join Sixth Gear in an effort to promote copywriters and give them back their place in the advertising and marketing industry, designing with their sole tool, words.