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We Heart Technology: A Look At Connection Festival

This past weekend we had the opportunity to be a part of a new festival in the great city of Jacksonville. Connection Festival was a three day event that celebrated the amplification of music, art and commerce through the use of technology. Now, I know that last part might seem strange. What do we mean, through technology? The answer is simple. As technology changes, the ability to communicate, design and execute ideas becomes less of a challenge and more of a unique opportunity, and this week we are going to share how technology assisted the teams at Sixth Gear and Connection Festival in putting together a new and progressive event.

Communication & Technology

Technology and means of communication is constantly evolving. Some purists may argue that the evolution of technology hinders our ability to communicate with others, however in the planning and execution of Connection Festival, the incorporation of technology made it all possible.

When planning an event communication is key. But, what do you do when team members are working from various parts of the state & country. Years ago travel and long winded emails may have been the only option, but in today’s digital world having a meeting “face to face” is as simple as logging into a communication platform. With programs like FaceTime, Google Hangout and Skype the sky is literally the limit. As long as you have an internet connection a meeting can take place from anywhere in the world; which became crucial to our two teams. Being able to discuss ideas, share concepts and links on the spot with the full team made for effective meetings. Meetings which could never have happened without the use of technology.

Communication during the days of the festival was important to the Sixth Gear team since we would be working alongside media teams from Jacksonville locals Crux Collective, Total Coverage 360 and Record & Capture. Having a group of individuals stay in communication throughout the festival making sure each area was covered was the challenge, but a challenge technology was up to. Sure we could group text, but unless we all used the blessed iPhone that could become problematic. Platforms like GroupMe simplified our festival contact. Similar to texting, GroupMe enabled us to create a closed group for individuals within the media team to communicate without having to worry about differences in their phone’s operating system, making our job a whole lot easier. With a few simple words we could make sure events were being photographed and attended to without having to run around and track down specific people. Having that live communication enabled us to be in various places but have a singular space to talk and plan.

Design, Content & Technology

We all know graphic design and technology go hand in hand. In designing concepts we wanted to make sure the look encompassed all elements of the festival. By combining the original festival artwork with our current ideas we were able to create a new brand identity for the festival, and being able to bring art to a digital stage is something that will always amaze our team. In the Golden Age of Advertising, everything was hand drawn, but today we can sculpt, paint, add texture and manipulate fonts with the touch of a mouse. Mock ups of merchandise items, posters and print collateral could be done on the spot and sent to a printer within minutes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to design and technology.

Content and technology are quickly coming together like peanut butter & jelly. Up to date social media posts, blogging and live streams are no longer a pipe dream, it is an interactive way to reach a target audience and can be done from anywhere anytime. Realtime social media posting & live streams was a concept we knew we needed. Our media teams from Crux Collective, Total Coverage 360 and Record & Capture all had their various ways of producing content. Some could photograph a festival event that would automatically upload to our website gallery while others could capture a shot, hook up to their laptops and edit a shot with watermarks and post within an hour. Content creation has never been faster and technology continues to grow that spectrum and makes coverage of a large festival not only possible, but impressive.

Connection Festival gave Sixth Gear the opportunity to explore new artistic and tech mediums. It is clear now that when working on a website, branding, print collateral or social media, technology is ever present in assisting our day to day work routine. Since technology is always evolving we are excited for the opportunity that next year’s Connection Festival will offer and how new technology will amplify the process.

Photo courtesy of Jay Palmer at Crux Collective


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sixth Gear

You see us everyday in your news feed posting design inspiration or tips for writing engaging social media posts, but what do you really know about Sixth Gear? If the answer is not a clue, no worries, because today we are going to let you in on ten things you didn’t know about Sixth Gear and the team behind it!

  1. Our favorite projects to work on at Sixth Gear are ones that require the whole package (branding, web design and inbound marketing). Why you ask? For us it is all about consistency. When we get to be a part of an entire brand and design process from logo to the final website launch we know that we can create a cohesive look that collaboratively works together to form a complete, original and successful brand.
  2. Our team works remotely out of Jacksonville Beach. As lovers of the ocean it was only right that we work from a place where the beach and sand are only a skateboard ride away.
  3. Music leads our workday. Whenever we need inspiration for a branding or design project we go to our best friend Spotify. Depending on our creative need, our team listens to anything from Dave Matthews and Passafire to Kermit Ruffins and Ben Folds.
  4. Sixth Gear began as a one-man show. President and Creative Director Corey Adams founded our little agency when a need to combine his business and marketing degree collided with his creative and artistic drive to form a venture that would fuel both of his passions and allow him to work from pretty much anywhere in the world.
  5. We weren’t kidding with our opening statement “we are a small team that creates vast concepts”. Our team consists of two full time members that work hand in hand to create the branding and web design elements you see everyday. A small team allows us to collaborate on projects and hit every angle from graphic design to copywriting with a clear and singular vision. The Christmas parties are raging as well.
  6. Sixth Gear’s electronic products of choice are of course everything and anything Apple. Not only does their impressive branding convince us that they are the best choice, our team loves working on them. The versatility of iMacs in the office and Macbooks, iPads or iPhones for the road allow us to have all our tools at our fingertips at all times.
  7. Afternoon drink of choice for the Sixth Gear Team is none other than Jacksonville Beaches’ Delicomb (whose new location is conveniently just a few blocks away). Their coffee is stellar and gives us that afternoon boost needed to power through long days.
  8. Our dream project is to work on branding and web design for a luxury car company. If you can’t tell by our agency’s name we are big auto enthusiasts, so working on a design that is centered around well-executed car photography is a dream come true in our book.
  9. This is Sixth Gear’s first year blogging! Say what!?! Yeah we know for an agency that preaches about the positive effects of blogging it is surprising to hear we only started seven months ago, however the positive perks we throw at our followers is all true. In the first three months of blogging our website traffic numbers nearly tripled. I mean how can you argue it doesn’t work with a stat like that.
  10. Sixth Gear is an official partner of Downtown Jacksonville’s Connection Festival 2014! We started collaborating with the CF Team in May to rebrand the festival and have since been working closely with their team on continuous web design, marketing strategy/materials, and social media for the September Festival. We will be set up with our booth at the festival getting to know the individuals and businesses of Jacksonville even better, so be sure to check in and give us some high fives.

Still have more questions about what we do here at Sixth Gear? Drop a post or send us a message and we would be happy to tell you more about us, our experience and the work we do!


Getting to Know Sixth Gear’s Founder Corey Adams

Behind every business is its founder. That one person can often be the creative mind that developed the initial concept for the business, or the force that keeps the business running day in and day out, or sometimes the hands on individual cranking out the majority of the company’s deliverables. In the case of our Jacksonville, FL agency Sixth Gear, our founder Corey Adams fits all three of these descriptions.

This week we decided to blog about one of our own. We wanted to bring the followers of Sixth Gear into our world and share a little background about the individual at the helm of our small design and marketing agency. Although Corey is now his own boss, he didn’t start his post academic career as an entrepreneur, or even in the same industry for that matter. Shortly after graduating from Bryant University (Smithfield, RI) with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, he found himself bound to a cube by a headset with a prominent financial firm handling clients’ retirement and personal savings. Corey was driven while there and learned plenty of valuable business and financial lessons but always wanted more than what was available inside the walls of his cubicle. He wanted to get out of the box and pursue something he had always loved but never thought he could realistically make a career out of, something he had been doing since he was a child with a pencil and paper, he wanted to express himself creatively.

After paying his dues in the finance world, Corey decided to leave and explore his passion for art and design by accepting a position as an Account Executive at a Middletown, CT branding and web design agency to see if that satisfied his artistic desires. While there, a whole new world and practical application of his artistic and business skills was discovered. Corey learned everything he could about the industry and developed a plan to build his own web design and marketing agency so that he could take on projects he was passionate about and incorporate his business background with his ever-growing ability a graphic and web designer. With the support of friends, family, his wife Kate (and their Chihuahua Jackson), Corey furthered his education with additional design and fine arts courses then started what is now known as Sixth Gear.

It has now been almost three years since Corey started his life as an entrepreneur and two full years since Sixth Gear has really been in full swing. The growth and success of Sixth Gear has been great, so we asked Corey what he attributed that to.

“In my opinion, a good reputation is key to successful growth. Most of our leads are referrals from existing clients which to me is the ultimate compliment because each one of those leads asked someone they trust for a recommendation, and that person chose to recommend Sixth Gear for their branding, web design or marketing needs. So if you satisfy your client, produce good work at a fair price and take pride in developing friendly yet professional and collaborative relationships, the sky is truly the limit.”

So what’s next for Corey and Sixth Gear? Anything and everything. With the advancements in digital marketing and the reliance on the web for so many aspects of our lives, Corey and our team know that things can only go up from here. It’s not to say this company has been smooth sailing from day one, like every new venture there are highs and lows but we feel that if you use your time effectively during the slower times and are constantly looking for ways to improve any and every aspect of your business then the success will come.

Want to get to know Corey or Sixth Gear even better, drop him a line at