Bring Your Brand Back From the Dead…

Not every business can thrive from the start, brand growth takes time, creativity and a heartbeat. So what do you do when you feel your brand is dead? …Wake it up.

#1 Fresh Blood

When your brand’s corpse is rotting on the marketing slab, it might be time to give it some fresh blood, meaning you need to put some life back into it. If your brand is struggling to reach a target audience it may be because it’s key facets are falling flat. Your logo, vision and identity should all carry the same message and reflect the same visual aesthetics in wording and design.

A great design can really make a difference in the livelihood of your brand, so elevate your look, potentially add a more modern feel, and see if the fresh take gives your brand the jolt it’s been needing.

#2 Live Bodies

Loyal customers are the heartbeat of your brand. Without loyalty your brand will not have the backing it needs to survive. So how do you create loyalty? Implementing new marketing initiatives that involve perk programs, discounts, etc. is a great place to start. These types of programs let the bodies know that their investment in your brand matters, and that as a company you are willing to give back.

#3 Haunting Message

As a business owner you want your brand to “haunt” your customers after they leave your store or establishment. Whether it is through a catchy slogan or captivating logo design, it is important to create an emotional connection, so that regardless of where they see your copy or visuals they relate it back to your business in a positive way.

#4 Reach Beyond the Grave

Reaching beyond the grave is where your social media skills will come to life. Social media has become the marketing haven for dying brands looking to move past their fate. It allows you create connections with demographics that your brand may not have previously reached, and is why it is a necessary entity for any business looking to expand their customer base and solidify their place in the visual and social world.

Just because your brand may not seem to have a pulse, it has the chance to live again through a few marketing changes, aesthetic enhancements and defined vision. Don’t wait for the grim reaper to do his bidding, be proactive, pull your brand from the grave and live another day…