Becoming A Triple Threat

Some businesses are just born stars, while others have to put in the hard work to get to the top of their industry. Regardless of how you claw your way to the top, there are three elements needed in order to make Mama Rosa proud. (If you aren’t familiar with Broadway’s Gypsy, than that reference will make no sense to you.)

#1 Branding Baby

As you know, brilliant branding is the foundation to every great business. From the vision to logo, every facet needs be well thought out and well executed. No one wants to be in the chorus line forever, so you have to make your first impression count. How? Start with the basics and create a mission statement using your vision as a platform. Producing a clear intent for your customers will go a long way.

Make yourself pretty. If you want to be chosen by your target audience for the role of industry forerunner than you need to look the part. A graphic designer will essentially be your stage mom. They will make sure every visual aspect of your business cohesively works with your vision and gives a clean aesthetic customers will applaud.

#2 Into the Web

Since your branding work is just waiting in the wings, it is time to put it to work and implement its’ design qualities into your website. Why? Consumers like to see consistency and a well-rounded business. If you have a great mission but a lackluster website, than you won’t really have the whole package.

The key is to be proficient in every element. Your web design should leave the same impression as the rest of your brand so that customers will know it is you regardless if it is online or in store.

#3 A Social Line

Now that you have two core pieces down, it is time to introduce your social side. It is easy to have a great looking brand, but keeping your target demographic interested in that brand is another thing entirely. Social media allows you to showcase your vision and character to potential and existing customers.

A strong social campaign utilizes the top platforms including channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. The more the merrier. Why? Because not only is it a free way to market yourself, it is a direct line to consumers, and a facet of your company that says you are professional and ready to take this show to the top.

Your business has the ability to be a triple threat. It is a combination of perseverance, a clear vision and all that jazz… or a great design. So, are you ready to hit the stage?