Anatomy of the Web Design Vol. 1

The anatomical elements of a website vary depending on the needs of your business. Although every web design is different, their are three vital “organs” that ensure your website is functioning as a whole.

Your Home Page is Where the Heart Is

Considering your “Home” page may be the first interaction your customers or clients have with your business, it is imperative that you put your heart and soul into it. This is the area to not only attract your target audience with aesthetics, but present them with your vision and purpose.

A well designed and professional home page should have a clear focus. Too many times you see a cluttered or overwhelming page that has no direct purpose, so the solution is to have a clean design that is easy to navigate through, showcases your brand’s vision and offers a visually appealing first impression.

About Your Brand’s Internal Qualities

Although your “About” page may not seem like an important aspect of your website, it actually has a huge impact on the value customers place on your business. As a consumer we often look for validation in a company. Do they have experience or are they a qualified provider? These questions often help us determine if as a consumer we want to contact for further information or purchase a product.

So even though you might think this is a wasted page on your website, to your future customers this might be the element that helps them commit to your brand and services.

Contact for Assistance

A “Contact” page is the backbone of your website. The purpose of your site is to attract customers to contact for more information, hence the importance of a page dedicated to this function. An easy to use contact form is the best way to capture leads by email and open a conversation. One thing to keep in mind is to always include your business’s direct contact information, as some individuals like to have a personal interaction straight away instead of utilizing a web-based form.

The anatomy of a web design is simple. Your home page is the heart of the website, the about section serves as an internal function and your contact form is the backbone that’s sole purpose is to generate solid leads. With these core pages present, your website will be strong, healthy and ready to be an active source for your business.